“To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.”
-Louis L'Amour

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Summer of Their Discontent

by Janet Crain
Is this the Summer of their discontent or the whirlwind they are reaping from the crop they sowed two years ago; promising grandiose solutions while pushing a decades old socialist agenda? The majority of the people don't want this. And in a Democracy, the majority rules. Maybe they don't teach that in Community Organizing 101, but that is how it works.
Barack Obama is pictured. | AP Photo
Many liberals are disappointed with President Barack Obama’s ability to deliver on his campaign promises.

For many liberals, this is the summer of their discontent.

Already disappointed with President Barack Obama’s ability to deliver on campaign promises, they now contemplate a slowing economic recovery and a good chance of Republican gains in November — two developments that could make enacting Obama’s agenda even more difficult.

Two recent essays framed the debate raging within the progressive community over why the promise of Obama’s candidacy has not lived up to their expectations — and how liberals should proceed in what they fear will be difficult months ahead.

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