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-Louis L'Amour

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MSM has some "splaining" to do....................

FOXNews did not report on the Sherrod story until AFTER she left her job. But the MSM is telling lie after lie saying FOXNews caused her to lose her job

Let's lay this one where it belongs. At the White House door.

NBC's Today Show Inaccurately Blames Fox News for Sherrod Firing
On Wednesday's Today show, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Savannah Guthrie left the impression that Fox News's criticism of Shirley Sherrod was the reason she lost her job at the Agriculture Department, with Lauer, in his interview with Sherrod, charging: "I don't know who to blame here, Miss Sherrod. I mean the, the, the activist who put forward this garbage in the first place has an agenda. We shouldn't be surprised by that. The cable news network that, that played this garbage on and on and talked about it, has an agenda. We shouldn't be surprised by that." But Lauer and NBC News, itself, revealed they have their own agenda, by failing to report that Fox News didn't mention the Sherrod story until she had already left her job. However, that didn't stop Curry from claiming, in the 8am half hour news brief, that: "After the video was used to vilify her on Fox television, she lost her job," and Guthrie advancing the NAACP's notion, in her piece, that they had been "snookered" by Fox News.

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